African Sovereign State.

Acting for an African sovereign state, iSanctuary was commissioned to identify and recover assets from politically exposed persons, PEPs, through intelligence-gathering assessments, of selected individuals, conducted through our iSanctuary Assettracer ™ and the use of our proprietary methodology.<br /><br/> Extensive research was conducted to identify assets associated with the individuals, including global searches across over 2 billion public and 240 million corporate records, across 190 counties.

  Consequently, supporting evidence gathered was utilised to demonstrate the level of lifestyle, location of physical and liquid assets, relevant business relationships, and family members. <br /><br />Additionally, these searches identified crucial information to assist in the determination of the risk of assets dissipating.
  As a result of Assettracer's multijurisdictional data sets we were able to obtain tax, import/export data and offshore data leaks, directly assisting in the identification of UK real estate, comprising 6 London residential properties, with a total value in excess of £23 million, directly attributable to the PEPs.