Saving a crypto exchange from a £25m claim for damages.

The case concerned an exchange being sued for allegedly allowing cryptocurrencies, valued £25m, to leave a wallet after notice that it was the proceeds of crime. The case was following the developments in the UK High Court for <a class="text-grey-is font-semibold" target="_blank" href="">Tulip Trading Ltd (a Seychelles Company) (appellant) v Wladimir Jasper van der Laan & ors (respondents).</a> <br /><br /> The client required forensic analysis of the transactions to determine if the exchange had allowed the coins to move transact on the blockchain through their exchange. They disputed the expert evidence presented to them by the claimant and demonstrating that the coins, belonging to the claimant, had not been held on their exchange. <br /><br /> iSanctuary crypto investigators and crypto experts analysed the claimant’s expert report. Our analysts, using their blockchain investigation tools, conducted four separate methods to trace all the transactions; all to test the first-in-first-out method. Each method of analysis proved the coins did not hop into a wallet held on the respondent’s exchange. Our experts were able to present evidence that directly challenged the claimants position and led to the respondent having a robust irrefutable defence and ability to challenge the £25M claim.