Solving an international crypto currency enabled investment scam.

 Our client was caught in an investment scam. He contacted iSanctuary in a desperate position and
  deeply concerned about the investment he had made; he was extremely distressed. The iSanctuary team
  immediately deployed and started to gather evidence of the crypto fraud from the victim's devices,
  laptop and from his account of events, they were also able to support and reassure the victim during
  this difficult time, he’d lost the equivalent of £2M in Norwegian krona. Lawyers acting for the victim
  also requested we conduct a full investigation.
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  Speed is critical in these cases due to the rapid nature in which crypto assets (coins) can transfer
  across the blockchain. Whilst our expert crypto investigators deployed to trace the crypto assets, our
  investigators obtained a detailed account of events and key identifiers. Our crypto investigators
  quickly identified each hop, through locating wallets, they determined they had all the
  characteristics of wallets holding the proceeds of crime (identifying other potential victims).
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  Meanwhile, our Open Source Intelligence Analysts (OSINT) were quickly tracking down the criminals.
  Our former Financial Conduct Authority investigator quickly established the registration number was
  fake. The trail of email addresses, crypto wallet IDs, telephone numbers and online presence led us to
  identify named individuals behind the scam operating from Central Europe.
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  The crypto assets were traced to a wallet held on an exchange in the Far East. Following a legal
  review with the client, the decision was taken to pursue the criminal complaint. iSanctuary
  investigators and analysts are experts in their fields and cognisant through many years of providing
  court-ready evidence. Statements, schedules, hash-tagged domains, intelligence, and charts
  were all prepared and handed over to the authorities demonstrating the evidence of the fraud, the
  hops, the destination of the crypto assets and the actors involved in the fraud, including their
  names and current locations. The authorities proceeded with the criminal investigation and